Ultra Floor

Levelling & Smoothing Compounds

A range of single and two-part polymer modified levelling and smoothing compounds. Includes Level IT super30 rapid setting levelling compound – set to foot traffic in 30 minutes! Our screed products provide you with all the elements you need in today’s commercial flooring market – helping you to maintain your fast track systems.

Damp Proof Membranes

Our Rapid Curing Primer Membrane System is designed to provide protection against subfloor moisture and acts a primer for bonded screed installations.

Acrylic & Polymer Emulsion Primers

This range includes the successful and widely used Ultra Floor Prime IT AR, a concentrated stable acrylic polymer emulsion for absorbent substrates, and Ultra Floor Prime IT N. A premium grade polymer emulsion primer used primarily for non-absorbent floor surfaces.

Patch Repair Mortars

Repair mortars that provide exceptional strength and hardness for internal patch and feather applications. Combining excellent bond strengths, coverage and a multitude of application suitability, our repair mortars provide the ideal addition to any fast-track flooring project.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does Cost-Per-Gallon Mean?

    Price is but one factor which enters in paint values

    How many square feet will it cover per gallon?

    More important still, statistics show that cheap-price-per-gallon paint lasts only about half as long

    What are its working and spreading properties?

    The protective value of paint becomes more important as the years go by